Oil For Healthy Hair Growth

Oil For Healthy Hair GrowthI normally don’t share my top secret recipes of hair or skin treatments of my family,  I don’t have any issue, but my granny does not like it, but today, when she started to making the fresh batch of our hair oil and I asked her if I can share that with all of you, she not only allowed me, but she did add some new things too and she did talk about the things she adds in it and that is how we are here with the magic potion for your hair which will definitely help you to increase the length of your hair and at the same time it is very good for overall health of your hair , so let’s  not waste any second and talk about it straight away. Here is a list of things that you need to make this oil.

One cup juice of Gooseberry

One cup oil of black sesame seeds.

You need a iron pan to cook it and it is better to use a waste one.

We will start with grated fresh gooseberry and squeeze out the juice from them and almost one KGs of gooseberry will give you around 250 GMs of fresh gooseberry juice, and now you need the same quantity of black sesame seeds oil too.

Then we will put it in the pan and let it simmer for a while and then increase the heat a bit and let it cook for like one hour an then let it cool down a bit urn off the gas and let it cool  and once cooled, save it into a glass bottle and use it regularly to get the benefits.

Now what you need to do is apply it at least 3, 4 times a week for more than an hour and if you can then as much as you can, actually I apply it in my hair during the whole weekend and then I wash my hair on Sunday evening, but it would be best if you apply and massage as much as you can.

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