Protect Your Lips In Winter

Protect Your Lips In WinterThere are many lip problems faced by the women in winter season. Winter is a dry season which makes everything dry. Dry skin, rough and dry lips are common problems of winter season.
Heat and cold make the lips dry. Another reason is aging; the older you get the moisture in your body minimized. We used to give attention to our face but forget the lips.Protect Your Lips In Winter

In fact our beauty is incomplete if the lips are rough and dry they give very ugly look. Don’t forget expensive lipsticks are not going to help you out. So here are some tips to protect your lip beauty.
Keep your lips moist the whole day. Petroleum jelly is good moisturizer and if you want natural moisturizer then uses fresh cream for this purpose.Protect Your Lips In Winter1

Winter creams and lip balms are also good sources of moisturizer. Apply these before going outside and keep these with you.
Drink water as much as you can. It is source of natural moisture.

Dry lips show that your body needs vitamin B.
Honey, jojoba oil, vitamin E, coconut oil, glycerin and aloe vera are natural moisturizers.
Avoid lipstick all day as well as alcohol, chemical and animal fat based cosmetics.
Lips need extra care not only in winter but also around the whole year because they have natural lackness of moisture and oils.