Qeema Kulcha



Chicken (mince) ½kg
Flour 10cups
Refined Flour 5cup
Eggs 6
Garlic 10cloves
Onion 6
Green Chilies 10
Green Coriander 1bunch
Ghee for frying
Salt to taste

• Take the Chicken mince (dry).
• Onion, Green chili and Green Coriander wash properly, and cutting fine cut.
• Chicken, Eggs, Garlic, onion, green chili and green Coriander put in chopper for chopping and add some Salt(to taste) in it.
• Now mix Flour and Refined flour, add Ghee 1tablespoon.
• Add cool water in it, till dough little hard shape.
• Roll out the dough, spread all mixture on it, and roll it.
• Cut the roll into 5 to 6 pieces, each piece shapes a round ball.
• Now roll out each ball and cook on pan, and use ghee on it.
• And fry it, till it colour become golden.

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