Real Way To Get Beautiful Skin, Hair And Nails

Real Way To Get Beautiful Skin, Hair And NailsDo you know how to Get Beautiful Skin, Hair And Nails? We all want to have beautiful skin, shiny healthy hair and nails and perfect body and we all work really hard for that, some of use get a medical help and some of use get help form Mother Nature, all of these ways are good and do make sense too.

I can imagine how hard it is to get a drug  and treatment, but we all know that nothing is more safest then natural things, I am sure you would have some solid reasons to follow medical or ready to use things, to get shiny hair, flawless skin and strong nails, but if you want to know what I prefer then I will say natural things, get the beauty from inside out and today we are going to show you some simple steps to get beauty. Here are some simple steps which will lead you towards nutrition for healthy skin, hair and nails.

Step 1:- Your skin, hair and nails all are made up of proteins, protein is the main and the most important part of our body, all of these things that we try to maintain in our body like keratin, collagen and elastin are all made of protein and if you want to gave glossy hair, beautiful skin and strong nails then it is necessary for you to make sure that your diet comprises of a rich content of protein and you keep adding and restoring the proteins in our body and in our skin, you can do that by eating good proteins and you can apply some lotions and some ornaments on your skin and your body to get the healthy look.

Step 2:- Our body needs fat, good fats to maintain the healthy and shiny look, and we need good fats to repair the broken things and there are so many good fats that we can use such as Omega 3, Omega 6 fatty acids which are very important for our body especially for the betterment of your skin, hair and nails, you can take supplements too and you can add food that are rich in omega 3, in your diet, you can get healthy fats in almost all of sea foods.

Step 3:- Next thing that you need for beautiful skin and healthy and strong bones is, Iron which is very essential and you should add it on regular basis, sometime when we see someone with pale looking skin, lifeless hair and weak nails that only shows one things, that one is not taking sufficient amount of iron , and the cutest thing about Irion is, you can get Vegetarian source and non Veg source of Irion too and they all are very simple, but you still can take supplements in your diet too.

Step 4:- Next thing that you should use on daily basis is, eat handful of mix nuts every day and you will get plenty of nuts including vitamin E, B and the necessary fats and it is very good to get better and perfect looking body too and it is very good to make your body and your skin moisturizer from inside out and it is very good to keep your skin, nails and hair healthier and stronger.

Step 5:- Last, but not least, Citrus Fruits, eat lots of citric fruits such as kiwi, oranges, lemon, mangoes etc as they are loaded with  vitamin  C  which is very good for body and skin:)
Best of luck:)

Khalida Sherry

I am a fashion writer and recently writing on as a fashion editor. More at +Khalida Sherry