Spa Treatments At Home

We are going to convert your house in a spay for you and we are going to give you best feeling possible, you just need to feel relaxed and happy after that.Spa Treatments At Home

First of all close all the doors and hand do not disturb me sign on the entrance door;) now make a tub full with worm water and some rosemary leaves in it and some sea salt for relaxation, if you feel tired then you can add some herbal mint in it too and if you enjoy fragrance then add some lavender too,   while it is getting ready take some essential oils like olive oil and almond oil and massage your body with it each and every part, from head to toe and keep massaging till you see that oil is absolutely absorbed, now you need to give your body some time to absorbed that oil before you get in the bath tub, now I am going to share a recipe with you and we are going to make a special loofah for this special bath.Spa Treatments At Home1

You need to take big piece of net fabric and fold it and make it a square now add these things in it….
Some ginger powder.

Some sea salt, but smoothly blended.

One tea spoon turmeric powder.

Freshly crushed mint and coriander.

Some orange peel powder.

Now tie it with some band with carefully, makes sure that everything stays inside while you rub your body with it,
Now you need o mix one table spoon hone and one table spoon tea tree oil in a flat plate and keep it near your bath tub, now lay down in your bath for 45 minutes or more it is up to you, play some music, but try to avid anything that require your eyes, now when you are done and feel fully relaxed release the water from your tub cause now you need this bath tub empty.

Now you need to use that loofah all over your body, you need to dip it in the honey, tea tree oil mixture and rub all over your body, take your time; you need to squeeze the mixture  from that loofah too and at the same time you need to concentrate on your massaging too, if you feel that your loofah is bit dry you can use water too, but make sure you are in your bath tub, cause the stink from turmeric might make your bath floor messy after that take a normal running water shower and get dress and let me know how did you feel.

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