Summer Fashion (part-1)

nl_pb_image_1_liveThe sun rises up and shines on the bustling all cities of Pakistan. Its summers at last, After the four months of winters, everyone is pretty much sick of all the repeated sweaters on their tailored suits. But the situation down here is quite different. Everyone is sick. Uh-oh, it is a very serious fever. Everyone here has been bit by the lawn bug. There were times when we saw our mothers going to the shopping market and buying lawn. Sometimes they bought cotton or jorjet, but then that is another story. But now, we see out mothers, elder sisters or aunts, heading out to Lawn exhibitions, leading lawn stores to buy the wide-spread option of lawns. Lawn exhibitions are almost a trend now, which is taking the entire cloth market by storm.Summer Fashion (part-1)

The new trend is, whether you are a designer, or a model. Come up with a lawn, team of devoted people to design it for you and you are ready to go. You may be the next HSY or Nadia khan. It is not just the known companies that are coming up with lawn prints, but designer as well. Well, established designer have found own niche in the market and are tearing it up with sheer talent. Over the time, the number of lawn-print names is increasing by the time. People have been presented with branded designer wear lawn and ample of designs to choose from. Now who would not buy a lawn joora by a designer, huh? So the only fashion tip fir this summer is to, accompany your mothers or aunts to any of the lawn exhibitions and shop away. Remember! Also keep your budget in mind.Summer Fashion (part-1)1 Summer Fashion (part-1)2

There are many lawn magazines where you can get the design for you and prompt your tailor to copy the exact pattern on your new lawn-cloth. Strut on the streets, while wearing lawn. Trendy and cool all in one go.

Lawn Prints:


1Al Karam Spring Summer Lawn Collection 2013 4






























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