Tabassum Mughal Luxury Lawn Dresses 2017 By Al-Zohaib Textile

Al-Zohaib Textile today announced the launch of the latest collection of luxury Tabassum wizard embroidered lawn collection 2017.

Tabassum wizard lawn designer dresses complete with pastel colors such as the cool, soothing pink, stylish, white, aqua blue, and many other cool shades are part Tabassum wizard lawns in 2017 to make the heating days of summer cool and calm. Tabassum wizard Luxury Lawn 2017.

Tabassum Mughal Luxury Lawn Dresses 2017

Tabassum wizard catalog Beading weaving new garden wedding wear traces with new inspirations and tones. So sit tight on the whole magnificent outlines Tabassum wizard Luxury Lawn 2017. Stay tuned for the entire collection and more reports of the last frame inclines in Pakistan. I hope that some pictures of Tabassum wizard from Al-Zohaib S / S Luxury Lawn in 2017, as a blow.

Summer takes the motivation of free-spirited women who like to move. She gets to be the gypsy and live hope for recognition. Look at Tabassum wizard Luxury summer wear 2017 collection with digital print dresses lawn Al-Zohaib Textiles. Joy lost, excited by the absurdity of the new courage to embrace the unknown experience define the summer.

There is no doubt that the party is a lawn luxury dresses in the collection are extremely charming, but to allow you to, that makes a much better choice in this season, we fully provide a useful overview of fashion. Read and need to find a luxurious lawn Tabassum wizard’s dresses from the 2017 Al-Zohaib Textiles.

Tabassum wizard collection lawnmower shirt is really a tribute to feminism because it is enriched in female prints, girlish tones and fancy embroidery. Fabric summer collection lawn, but it baptized as a luxury, which is usually an indication that it is not just the perfect thing to help relieve your body during the hot summer season, as well as to be enough to give you a simple chic look during the summer season.

Design# 2A
Shirt Front : Digital Printed Lawn
Dupatta : Digital Printed Silk
Seleeves : Embroidered Net
Trouser : Dyed Cambric
Front Embroidered Shirt
Neck Jall Front and Back
Back Bunch
Full Embroidered Sleeves