The Working Woman Summer Casual Dresses 2014

The Working Woman Summer Casual Dresses 2014The Working Woman is back with more bang and new designs and updates of latest fashion trend here in Pakistan. Since it was found in mid 2011, it is providing the best fashion dresses to its fans and clients. It introduces such collection again which will make you stylish, fashionable and comfortable. The Pakistani working woman leads multiple lives and is constantly switching roles. She has set the bar high for herself.

The famous fashion brand of Pakistan has recently launched beautiful and glamorous collection for the fashion lovers who always love to wear dashing and good-looking dresses according to the changing fashion trend in the region.

The Working Woman Summer Dresses

She strives daily to be a caring daughter, loving sister, pioneering professional, dedicated mother, committed wife, ideal daughter in law, and a sincere friend. She can be so many things only because she is strong willed.

The Working Woman Summer Casual Dresses 2014

She will neither shirk her responsibility as a home-engineer (the proper term for house-wife) nor will she compromise on her desire to pursue her passion. How does she do it all? How does she manage? Her secret is simple. Her secret is balance.

The Working Woman understands that time is a luxury of which she has precious little. She cannot afford to waste it fighting with unreliable darzees or rummaging through bazaars for clothes that could pass as work attire. She needs a trusted name that understands her needs, puts her comfort first, and makes her life simple.

The Working Woman loves a good bargain. She demands both quality and quantity – rejecting the same compromise she refuses to make in other aspects of her life; attire which tells the world she is constantly pushing forward yet she does not leave her values and traditions behind. She needs a wardrobe that is sensible.

Khalida Sherry

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