Things That Make You Look Older Than Your Age

Things That Make You Look Older: We all love to look beautiful and fresh and the teen age is the best time of every human being and we all like to keep that freshness Things That Make You Look Older; Makeup is a double-edged sword , cause it can make you look as beautiful  and as fresh as you are not at all, or it can actually ruin your look too, just one wrong stork and you will look worse than anything, like there are a full album of my mum’s pictures with darker lip lines or dated makeup techniques and she look amazing and stylish, but if you do the same.

I use that then I will look old and I will look older then my age, whereas correctly used makeup can make you look younger and fresher and today I am going to show you some of the things you might be doing that can actually add years in your look.

Things That Make You Look Older

Lighter foundation: You would not believe that there was a time when girls use to use lighter shade of foundation or concealer to look like a doll and if we use it now then we will look like Bella! You know what I mean, right! Well if you are using white looking foundation or too pale a foundation then it will make you look older and artificial too, so choose your shade carefully.

Cakey Foundation: I remember, my mother use to carry that cake foundation or concealer in her bag all the time that which had merrier on the lid too and I use to admire her looks too at that time, but if you are doing that now then you should stop right now, too much foundation will get into your lines and then make your wrinkles more pronounced, I always say that time has changed and now you should use better things to get a best coverage possible, use creamy and natural shades and you can even go for spray foundation or concealer too which not only give you better look, but save time too…

Skipping foundation:  I know that I am totally against of artificial looks and I hate using foundation or concealer all the time, and I use BB cream instead, but if you are skip foundation or concealer all together then you should not, because it will make all of your skin woes prominent and will make you look horrible and older.

Ignoring Your eyebrows: Very thin and/or uneven brows will never frame the face, rule number one to look younger is get a best looking eye brows, pay attention to get thicker natural brows and then groom them regularly and use eye shadow to fill the gap and blend well to get the natural looking look.

Keep an eye on your looks and the best way to do that is, click selfies and see yourself with very carefully, see if you look good or not, don’t just rely on your mirror, you know why? Mirror shows what you actually want to see.

Khalida Sherry

I am a fashion writer and recently writing on as a fashion editor. More at +Khalida Sherry