This Has Got to Be the Easiest Smoky Eye We’ve Ever Seen

The Easiest Smoky Eyes EverSmoky eye look is probably one of the most popular makeup techniques of all time, no matter what kind of person you are, or what kind of skin tone or skin look you have, it always suits you, and if you get a hold on it then you will see how magical look you would be able to get in no time, it hardly take 5 minutes me to apply that look and I am one of those who never get happy and never feels it’s okay, I need 100% of everything so if I can apply a makeup in 5 minutes then trust me with the passage of time you will be able to apply that in 3 minutes.Easy Black Smokey Eye Tutorial

First of all I want perfect base for this look and I want you to apply moisturizer and foundation, concealer and powder to give your face a perfect base, cause if you want smoky eye then you need perfect glow on your skin or you will just end up making the scars and your flows more prominent and even visible.Easy Black Smokey Eye Tutorial1

Now we will start with applying the primer your lids and blend well and then while it is get absorbed by the skin you need to apply the similar eye shade to your eye brow and I want you to blend it perfectly to get smooth and soft looking eyes and then take the lightest nude shade you have, and when I say nude shade, I mean the shade that is lighter than your skin tone, a shade that you can use to highlight your eye borrow bone, and apply all the way from outer corner of your eye brow till the inner corner of your eye brow and then blend it with your finger very smoothly.Simple Silver and Black Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Now you need to take pure black eye penile and apply all over your lid, not over the crease though, and then take the light mate black eye shade with your blending brush and blend yr black liner with that, blend in small strokes to keep it under the crease and then take some darkest brown eye shadow and blend the harsh line till the half upper crease.

Now you need to take the plain pure black eye shadow and create the depth with it on the outer corner of your eye and for that you need to draw a V and then blend it in circulation and then take the same shade with angle brush and apply it under the lower lash line and then blend it with your finger and then take the black liner pencil and apply it over the water line and let it swing over the corner of your eyes.

Now take a white or should I say nude highlighter and apply over the bone and then blend it well and let it blend over the black shade too and finish the look with mascara.

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