Tips For Healthy Skin

Tips For Healthy SkinSleep Well.

How much you sleep — or not sleep — makes a major difference to your skin. Up all night working on that presentation for work? Your skin will look pale and dull the next morning, with rough tone and dark circles under your eyes. A full night’s sleep or 7 hours will do nets you a brighter complexion and natural glow. The power of sleep works wonders for natural beauty.

Take It Easy.

Stressed out skin will show with redness, breakouts and dry, flaky patches. Squeezing in some weekly yoga may not be possible, but do try to minimize stress as best you can. Do not use laptop or smartphones in your bed. If you can, take 10 minutes every night to stretch, sit quietly taking your favorite herbal tea, or doing whatever else takes your mind off the disorder of life.

Get Moving.

Think about that natural glow you get after a fast walk or exercise. There really is no natural complexion booster quite like exercise, so get moving! Even if you just commit to one 30- to 40-minute fast-paced walk four to five times a week, the fresh air will renew tired skin. All that movement will get your blood flowing and heart rate up, giving skin that beautiful, flirty blush.

Eat Well.

Diet has a deep effect on how the skin looks. A diet full of refined flour, sugar and processed foods is a major problem in uneven tone, breakouts and general lack of brightness. Giving your skin the nutrients it needs will help you get your glow back. This means saying filled snack foods and pre-packaged meals, and instead getting lots of leafy greens, fresh fruit, colorful vegetables and whole grains.


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