Tips For Perfect Party Make Up

Tips For Perfect Party Make UpWe all know that woman feel it impossible to attend the casual and formal parties without makeup, but sometime we see someone with bridal or formal make up in casual or day time parties and today we are going to teach you how to look perfect for party look, and for that you need to understand that what is the right way to look perfect, you can try best base and foundation possible, but do not use loud cheeks or lipstick, you can pay attention to your eyes, but do not make each and every part of your eyes a separate world of cosmetics.Tips For Perfect Party Make Up1

Foundation is very important as it can give you the smoothest and the finest look possible, if you have picked the right shade and if you know how to apply the right way and blend it well then let me tell you that this is the 80% of your look and now you just need to finish your look according to the occasion.Tips For Perfect Party Make Up2

If you have oily skin then you should use face powder to give a matte look while use loose powder to fix your look at the end, but you need to use light shade of face powder and use transparent shimmery lose powder at the end.

Eye makeup is the most important thing in your party make up, you can use glamorous look or you can use smoky eyes too, it is all up to you and you can try as many shades as you want, but you got to blend it well and if you are going in day time party then you can use shimmer and shiny bright shades too and if it is summer beach party then you can use bright fascinating shades too, but if it is a night party then I best smoky style would be best, but you don’t always have to pick black smoky eyes, you can sue shades of your dress too, but you got to blend it well to create the right impression and use mascara and liner accordingly.

Finish your look with lip-gloss and if you want to show off a signature look then you can add lipstick in that look or you can always use lip liner with lip gloss and it look absolutely perfect.

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