Tips To Deal With Makeup Blunder

Tips To Deal With Makeup BlunderI hate to see lips tick teeth or overly-tan cake foundation I know that it look ugly and it sabotage my look completely and with the passage of time I actually learned so many tricks to deal with all of these, messed up looks and am sharing couple of them with you today and I am hoping that these will prove helpful for you
What if you shadow intend to get in a line in the Crease?

We all know that eye makeup can be a mess and it can ruin your whole look too, but if you start getting a plain shadow crease over your lid then you cannot just start rubbing it with your finger instantly, especially if you have lots of shades on your eyes, so you can prevent that with using an alch-free toner on your lids before applying shadow, wash your face to avoid all the moisturizer from the skin and use aqua based prime or powder formed base cause you need a perfect mate base to avoid shadow crease.

What If Lipstick Gets Smudgy All The Time: – If you feel that it is imposable to keep your lipstick on the place then you need to have a look at the application, you need to see if you are using proper way, you need to apply a foundation or concealer and then apply a lip pencil of the same shade of your lips and then apply it all over your lips and give your lips a sec to absorb it and then apply a liner over u lips, and then fill them in entirely with the same pencil and then take a matching lipstick and apply it on the lips with brush, but primarily, not on over all lips, on just center of the lips and if the mate look bother you, add a very small amount of gloss on it.

Heavy Blush On: – If you accidentally applied a thick layer of blush on and you don’t know what to do then take some light shade of Cream Blush, you need to take a very small amount of creamy blush and start rubbing it over your cheeks and then blend it off with a clean sponge and you will see that it will take off the excessive amount of powder blush on, if you don’t have creamy blush of same shade then take a absolutely clear brush and start brushing the cheeks off with that, it will take couple of seconds, but it will actually help you with the issue.

Cakey Foundation: – If you end up with a thick layer of foundation or concealer and that is making your face cakey then you just need to take a damp sponge and start rubbing the face with that, but don’t too hard, and then you just need to see if sports or patches of your skin need any touch ups…
If you have any blunder and you need help, feel free to ask:)

Khalida Sherry

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