Tips To Get Even Skin Tone

How to create the perfect even skin tone,I am really very much sure that any of us would wish to have such an uneven skin tone, because everybody wants to have healthy even skin tone, it not only look beautiful, but it shows that you are taking good care of yourself too and nothing is more sexier than healthy beautiful natural skin, so here are some simple tips to get beautiful even skin tone naturally.How To Get Even Skin Tone

1-One of the all time notorious reason for uneven skin tone is exposure to the sun, so if you want to have beautiful skin then you need to minimize the sun exposure and you need not only protect it from sun shine, but you need to treat it too, wash your face and apply sunscreen at least 15 minutes prior to sun expose, use sunglasses, use umbrella and apply some thick layer of lip balm over your lips and drink a whole glass of water before you go out.

2-Normally a person with oily skin shows the more chanced to get damaged and unhealthy so look after your skin according to your skin requirements, wash your face with worm water three times a day and then splash some chilled water, use salt to scrub your face once a day, apply gel moisturizer and drink lots of water, keep your skin care routine pretty regular.

3-Keep an eye on your lifestyle, eat healthy and go out for morning walk before sunrise.

4-Sleep well and no stress at all.

How to Get Lighter Skin and Even Skin ToneNow here are some simple home remedies for your skin.

1-Exfoliation is the main way that you have to use to get beautiful skin and I must say that the results I get from, salt/ alum powder /baking powder and aspirin mask is speechless.

2-Apply lemon juice on the skin, you can mix it with olive oil if you have super sensitive skin, but do it after sunset, you can keep it on all night long and then wash it off first thing in the morning.

3-Make a mask of curd and turmeric and apply it all over your face and then let it get dry fro 10-20 minutes and then scrub it off with smooth hands, it will not only clean your pores, but it will make your skin look better too.

4-Use tomato mask on your face every day, you can add milk powder and make a mask and then apply it over your face, if you have open pores then you can keep it in your refrigerator for a while and then apply it all over your face for 20 minutes and then wash it off.

Best of luck.

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