Treat Adult Acne Like PRO

Treat Adult Acne Like PROToday we are going to talk about some simple and common reasons of adult acne and some very easy and doable treatments of such kind of skin issue, we just need to understand that difference between teen age acne and the adult acne and we will be able to cure it perfectly, during our teens, we experience a lot of hormonal changes and sometime we ignore and mishandle it, but during adult acne we just experience so much stars, irregular skin care and other things, which still curable Adult Acne. There are so many things that can cause or irritate adult acne.

Sebum: Sebum is one of the main reasons of adult acne, normally if a person has super oily skin and he or she does not look after the skin properly then we get some sort of oily substance produced by the sebaceous glands in the skin that clogs up pores and becomes inflamed as it attracts bacteria and that is what we call pimples or acne.

Hormones: Hormonal change does play a very vital role in acne in adult age too, because they acutely changes the production level of sebum and it increase or decrees the oil production in skin too and that is one of the main reasons why women face breakouts during their menstruation cycle and menopause.

Cosmetics: Normally woman who work longer hours with lots of Cosmetics on their face, do get acne badly, and if by any chance they already experiencing acne and they are using too much foundation or concealer then it can make things worse, and the applicators can harm your skin badly.

Stress:  according to an authentic study, stress can damage the balance of hormone worse than anything else and then it affects the sebum production in the skin and that increase the adult acne.

Here are some simple Home remedies that you can try to treat adult acne:-

Try to treat your skin issues with herbal ingredients like turmeric, Neem leaves, milk and other natural things to keep the softness and the upper the most layer safe.

Make a mixture of alum powder and rosewater and apply over your face and your neck for 20 minutes and then wash it off with worm water everyday.

Replace your face wash with a mixture of gram flour, turmeric and orange peel powder and mix milk or rose water to mix it.

Use mint mask as much as you can and it not only cool down your acne, but will help you with your skin toning too.

Use tea tree oil to clean your face and then wash it off with worm water after 20 minutes…
Stay happy and eat well:)

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