Treat & Prevent Split Ends

Treat & Prevent Split EndsDry scalp is a very dangerous thing for hair, I know that oily hair can be killing, but you get dry hair, dull looking roots and scalp, you get spit ends and dull and damaged looking hair due to dry and dull scalp and if you just maintain the moisturize level in your body, in your hair and in your scalp then you not only get strong healthy hair.

You will be able to prevent and treat split ends too, so are you ready for this? Let’s see how we cannot only treat, but can prevent damaged hair and spit ends. Here is what you need to do right away you see a single split end.

Change your pillow case, you must be using a bad cover which is rubbing your hair during the night and that could be one of the very main issues with your hair, I would always suggest to buy the set of 6 pillow case of satin pillow case and keep changing it every other day and get rid of all the chemicals you have been using on your hair, your shampoo, conditioner, hair spray and other hair care, if these things cannot keep your hair healthy and strong then you are better off without all of these things.

Normally girls get a hair trim, hair trim is good, when you have healthy hair, not complicated hair, when you have hair issues then the best solution would be don’t get any kind of hair treatment, I would say pay all of your attention to get your hair fixed then trimmed.

Now here is what you need to do to treat and prevent split ends.

Now you need to restore the moisture level in your hair and no matter if you have super oily skin and scalp, if you have spit ends then you are getting dehydrated and you need help, start using oiling and start taking lots of moisturizer and water.

Drink lots of water and lots of juices, a glass of milk a day would be very good too.

Apply oil and massage before taking a shower, actually you can apply oil all over your body too and massage well before getting a shower cause if your hair are getting worst then your body needs help too.

If you have oily skin then you can use lavender oil and mix it with any oil like jojoba or olive and apply worm oil all over your scalp and massage well and then wrap a wet and worm towel around your hair and head for 10 minutes and then comb your hair well and then wash it off with running water, never use hot water for your body or your hair.

Use yogurt and olive/ mustard oil mask in your hair 3 times a week.

Use Aloe Vera gel in your hair three times a week, actually you can mix it with yogurt and oil mask too.

Use beer as a final rinse to get shine and healthy moisturizer in your hair.

Once the moisturizer level of your hair reaches on perfect level, you will see tremendous results.

Eat well and treat well, your hair are more delicate then the skin of your face .

Khalida Sherry

I am a fashion writer and recently writing on as a fashion editor. More at +Khalida Sherry