zarda-rice-Sweet dish is always part of our food. Any gathering OR party is not complete in absence of sweet dishes. Unique and different sweet dishes always attract to the people. Here we have a sweet dish which is very famous in parties and must add in marriage menu`s dishes “Zarda”. There are many verity of zarda or you can say this there are many way of cooking this dish. Some add only one colour (Yellow food colour) in this dish. Some add many colours (Yellow, Red and Green colours) in it. All confectioner must add Compotes, Almond and Green cardamoms in this dish.



Rice 5Cup
Sugar 5Cup
Fresh milk cream 2Cup
Green Cardamoms 3
Compotes to taste
Pistachios (finely cut) for garnishing
Almond (finely cut) for garnishing
Ghee 2Cup


• Boil water in the pot, add Rice in, till par boil.
• Strain it and set aside.
• Now heat the Ghee in other pot, add Cardamoms and fry it.
• After that, add Fresh milk cream, Sugar 2½cups and half boiled rice. This is our first layer.
• Now give another layer of remaining sugar and boiled rice.
• Cook rice openly. Do not cover it, stir with spoon.
• When Sugar and water disappear, cover the pot with lid and leave on dum.
• When you dish out zarda, garnish with Pistachios, Almond and Compotes.

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